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Škoda Transportation and new trains for Latvia, €240 million contract

Škoda Transportation and new trains for Latvia, €240 million contract
photo: ŠKODA press materials/Škoda Transportation and new trains for Latvia, €240 million contract
01 / 03 / 2022

Škoda Transportation presented the production of new electric vehicles for its Latvian customer, Pasažieru vicious. Its representatives and the Latvian Minister of Transportation were present.

The Latvians have a saying “the good things come slowly”. And as the Latvian Minister of Transportation Tālis Linkaits says, they were looking forward to modern and comfortable trains for a while, therefore they are hopeful and happy it's finally about to arrive. They should be going to service during autumn.

32 modern four-car trains, based on RegioPanter, that are already in use in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Latvia is getting new electrical trains after 30 years.

"Each new era brings new challenges and trials. We have been waiting for these new electric trains for so long that it is a pleasure to see them today in a completely real and visible form. We have achieved all this despite all the difficulties and difficult situations in the world. Together with our partner, the Škoda Group, we have worked tirelessly to see the fruits of our work together before us today. I believe that when we join forces, we can do great things. These new trains not only have a very symbolic message but will also come to Latvia to present a whole new standard of quality that our passengers in Latvia have been waiting for years,” said Rodžers Jānis Grigulis, CEO of Pasažieru vicious.

Based on RegioPanter type trains, that Škoda is making for the Czech and Slovakian markets, the Latvian version will be optimized for Latvian railways based on the customer specifications. And those were aimed at the effectivity of operations, low weight, energy recuperation with use of supercapacitors, modern interior, wheelchair access, clear information system and of course it can’t be without comfortable seats.

The first unit is undergoing the electrical static tests and there are a total of 13 cars in the painting and assembly process. There are 18 more cars being developed in the welding and machining stages. The assembly of the first train for this contract is expected at the end of March.

The contract is for 32 single-decker four-car units for suburban transport, maintenance, spare parts, and training. The total value is €240 million. These new trains are going to be used mainly on the lines from Riga to Aizkraukle, Tukums, Skulte, and Jelgava. The service life of these vehicles is at least 35 to 40 years.