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Škoda Group Shapes the Future of European Public Transport

Škoda Group Shapes the Future of European Public Transport
photo: Škoda Group; Newsroom/Škoda Group Shapes the Future of European Public Transport
21 / 09 / 2023

European Mobility Week (September 16-22, 2023) underscores the significance of urban public transport, and the Škoda Group is at the forefront of defining its form with their rolling stock, buses, and trolleybuses. These vehicles are becoming increasingly competitive in the European market, thanks to the group's longstanding expertise, innovative designs, and their rapid advancement in adopting new technologies and intelligent solutions.

In European cities, sustainable transport is synonymous with public transport. The aspiration for cleaner air and less congested streets is becoming a reality with the help of public transport. From Škoda Group's facilities in the Czech Republic and Finland, trains, trams, metro sets, buses, and trolleybuses are dispatched globally, with over 80 European cities depending on them.

European cities, renowned for their beauty and rich history, often have narrow streets, twists, and varying terrains, presenting unique transportation challenges. Success in these cities demands bespoke solutions rather than one-size-fits-all approaches. Škoda Group's strength lies in overseeing the entire production process, enabling them to customize vehicles for each city.

Design Tailored for Cities and their Inhabitants

Transportation modes play a significant role in shaping the ambiance of cities. That's why Škoda Group maintains an in-house design team. "In our latest Škoda product lines, a distinct black mask seamlessly integrates with the windshield, typically concealing the headlights," describes Tomáš Chludil, the design team lead. He further comments on recent design trends in public transport from a passenger's perspective: "Low-floor vehicles are now standard, with major advancements, especially in chassis design. Interiors have become universally accessible, incorporating versatile spaces for wheelchair users, those with strollers, or large luggage. Large windows enhance the viewing experience, especially in tourist areas. Additionally, chargers for personal devices and various information systems and sensors, which enhance passenger comfort and transport efficiency, are becoming standard."

Technology for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

Smart technology integration is a prominent trend in urban mobility. These technologies streamline operations within the fleet and facilitate communication with other vehicles or city traffic management systems. Safety remains paramount. Škoda Group launched its proprietary anti-collision system last year. "Visualize a virtual tunnel in front of the tram. The system identifies all static and dynamic obstacles within this space. If it detects a potential collision, it alerts the driver with an auditory signal. If the driver doesn't respond promptly, the system automatically deploys the emergency brake," explains Jiří Horáček, Sales Director of Škoda Group Digitalization. Having undergone pilot testing, for instance in Tampere, this system provides a detailed mapping of the entire track, enhancing its efficiency to the extent that other rolling stock manufacturers are also showing interest.

"Our mission is to shape the future, developing products and systems that may not exist today but will become the backbone of our transport world in the coming years," Jiří Horáček says, highlighting the innovative spirit of the development teams where concepts like intelligent depots and autonomous trams are part of everyday discussions.

Source: Škoda Group