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Signed: Vossloh Locomotives framework contract with DB Cargo for 250 hybrid locomotives

Signed: Vossloh Locomotives framework contract with DB Cargo for 250 hybrid locomotives
photo: Vossloh Locomotives press materials/Vossloh Locomotives
19 / 01 / 2022

DB Cargo and Vossloh Locomotives signed an order for 50 hybrid locomotives and a framework agreement with an option for a further 200 locomotives in Frankfurt and Kiel at the end of last year. Their delivery and the successive renewal of the customer's vehicle fleet for domestic German freight transport will begin from 2024.

The selected DM 20 BDD drive variant has two diesel generator sets and a traction battery as energy storage. While the output of both latest-generation diesel engines is more than 900 kW and optimised control of the second engine at the  ptimum operating point enables significantly reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the battery capacity is over 120 kWh. The energy storage system with extremely safe and durable lithium titanate cells can be charged both externally (plug-in) and while driving, e.g. by using the braking energy.

Dr Bernd Hoppe, CEO of Vossloh Locomotives GmbH, is delighted with the tender win: "The framework agreement underpins the continued confidence of Germany's largest logistics provider in rail freight transport in our long-established company and the Kiel production site. At the same time, it confirms that with our innovative platform concept for the DM 20 hybrid locomotive, we are putting a long-term future-proof success package on the rails. This center-cab locomotive is ideally  suited to the range of tasks at DB Cargo, both in shunting and mainline operations."

Thanks to the fully redundant drive train, the customer can flexibly convert the vehicles for later catenary operation with energy storage, if required, in order to completely dispense with the use of diesel engines in this way. In addition to this so-called EBB drive variant, which Vossloh Locomotives has already sold to several customers, DB Cargo can even retroactively integrate energy storage and energy generation technologies that will be available in the future.

Source: Vossloh Locomotives