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Siemens' Shareholders Approve Dividend Proposal of €4.25 per Share

Siemens' Shareholders Approve Dividend Proposal of €4.25 per Share
photo: Siemens AG/Siemens' Shareholders Approve Dividend Proposal of €4.25 per Share
15 / 02 / 2023

At the Siemens AG Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the shareholders decided by a large majority of 99.75 per cent to approve the Managing and Supervisory Boards’ proposal that a dividend of €4.25 per share entitled to a dividend be distributed for fiscal 2022. As a result, the dividend has been raised by €0.25 compared to the prior year, and Siemens has continued to pursue its progressive dividend policy impressively. In addition, with a large majority of the votes, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting ratified the acts of the members of the Managing and Supervisory Boards for fiscal 2022. The number of people following the virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting peaked at more than 4,500. About 147 questions were asked at the event.

The company’s shareholders also reelected the following four shareholder representatives as members of the Supervisory Board for another four years: Dr Werner Brandt, Benoît Potier, Dr Nathalie von Siemens and Matthias Zachert. The shareholders also elected Regina E. Dugan (PhD, 59), CEO of Wellcome Leap Inc., Keryn Lee James (54), former CEO of the ERM Group, and Martina Merz (59), CEO of thyssenkrupp AG, as new members of this oversight body. Their terms of office will also be four years in each case. As a result, women now account for half of the ten shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board.

“By bringing Regina E. Dugan, Keryn Lee James and Martina Merz on board, we have gained three outstanding personalities for Siemens. Their election highlights how important technology and sustainability are for the Supervisory Board’s future. Their election also means that the composition of this body is now more diverse than ever,” said Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siemens AG.

“Despite major challenges, Siemens broke a record in fiscal 2022: for the first time, profit in our Industrial Business exceeded €10 billion. Our free cash flow came in at €8.2 billion. We successfully executed our strategy, captured market shares and achieved high-value growth. Our dividend has risen to €4.25, and the dividend yield as of September 30, 2022, was 4.2 per cent. All this makes Siemens one of the best technology investments,” said Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG.

Ensuring active shareholder participation at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is extremely important to Siemens. The format of today’s virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was set up to come very close to that of in-person Annual Shareholders’ Meetings: shareholders had full rights to make statements, ask questions and submit proposals. They had the opportunity to join the meeting live via video to speak during the general debate. In addition, the main focal points of the speeches held by Supervisory Board Chairman Jim Hagemann Snabe and by President and CEO Roland Busch were published online in advance on February 1, 2023.

Source: Siemens AG