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Serbia to invest € 6.52 billion in railway infrastructure

Serbia to invest € 6.52 billion in railway infrastructure
photo: SeeNews/Serbia to invest € 6.52 billion in railway infrastructure
23 / 09 / 2021

Serbia is investing $ 7`700 million, about € 6`520 million, in a plan to modernize its railway infrastructure, which will allow to repair about a thousand kilometers of tracks.

Announced during the celebration of the Western Balkan Railways Summit under the slogan "The Future on Rails", it is dedicated to the modernization and rehabilitation of a total of thousands of kilometers of track, promoting links within the country and with neighboring countries. An example is the high-speed connection project between Belgrade and Novi Sad, which is currently being worked on in order to start the phase between Novi Sad and Hungary as soon as possible.

During the summit organized by the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the international organization Transport Community, it was emphasized that the high-speed project will have European funding, and it was proposed to support investments in the Western Balkans railway to improve connectivity in the region and solve the problem of global climate change.