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SBB and Stadler Strengthen Swiss-Italian Rail Connections with Additional Giruno Orders

SBB and Stadler Strengthen Swiss-Italian Rail Connections with Additional Giruno Orders
photo: SBB / Public domain/SBB
16 / 02 / 2024

SBB orders five additional Giruno high-speed trains from Stadler for the planned expansion of its international services to Italy. Just like the 29 Giruno trains from the first series, the trains will also be manufactured entirely at the production plant in Bussnang, Switzerland. The Giruno, Stadler’s SMILE, is the first high-speed train in Europe to be designed and built completely barrier-free and fully complies with the Disability Discrimination Act.

The demand for train travel between Switzerland and Italy has risen steadily in recent years. This success encourages the cooperation partners Trenitalia and SBB to work together to make the international offer even more attractive and expand it further, particularly on the Gotthard line.  

For the planned expansion of its services, SBB commissioned five more Giruno trains from Stadler which will be manufactured at the production plant in Bussnang by the end of 2025. These five vehicles are part of the option right that SBB publicized in the Giruno tender.

The existing 29 Giruno were ordered in 2014 and delivered by 2021. The vehicles now run between  Basel/Zurich to Lugano/Milan and on to Genoa, Bologna, and Venice. Seven additional Giruno trains have been ordered in 2022. The first vehicles are expected to be delivered this year and are planned to run Switzerland and Germany via Basel from 2026. See media release dated 15/06/2022

"The Giruno represents Stadler's innovative strength and is the result of our long-standing and successful collaboration with SBB. We would like to thank SBB for their trust and look forward to continuing this partnership," says Ansgar Brockmeyer, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Stadler. 

The Giruno, Stadler's SMILE high-speed train, is an eleven-car electric multi-system multiple-unit train with a length of 202 meters and a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. In double traction operation, it offers an impressive 810 seats.

With an innovative low-floor entrance for different platform heights in four countries and exemplary implementation of the disability equality standard, the Giruno offers a high level of accessibility, and it is characterized by outstanding travel comfort. Thanks to its features, such as excellent mobile phone reception, Wi-Fi, power sockets at each seat, large luggage racks, and modern LED lighting, the Giruno offers an incomparable travel experience.


Source: Stadler Press Releases