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RFI Launches Extensive Double Tracking Projects on Pescara - Rome Route with EUR 477 Million Investment

RFI Launches Extensive Double Tracking Projects on Pescara - Rome Route with EUR 477 Million Investment
photo: Railway Supply / Public domain/RFI trains
19 / 04 / 2024

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana—the lead company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Cluster—has awarded the executive design and execution of track-doubling works for Lots 1 and 2 of the Pescara - Rome line upgrading project to the temporary grouping of companies consisting of ETERIA CONSORZIO STABILE SCARL and SALCEF.

The tender for Lot 1 Interporto d'Abruzzo - Manoppello is worth 142.7 million euros, while that for Lot 2 Manoppello - Scafa is valued at 334.9 million euros. Both tenders are also financed with Development and Cohesion Funds (FSC).

The works for the Interporto d'Abruzzo - Manoppello section consist of the doubling of the line, which extends for about 5 km closely alongside the existing track. The project includes several interventions referring to the roadways both to restore the roads interfered with by the railway and to ensure connections following the elimination of the two-level crossings. A new Electrical Substation will also be planned to cope with the upgrading of the line. Finally, the project includes the upgrading of the Manoppello station with interventions to improve accessibility and remove architectural barriers.

The interventions for the Manoppello - Scafa section involve doubling the line for about 8 km, partly in close flanking and partly in a track variant to allow the crossing of the A25 highway and the Pescara River. Necessary amendments to the existing road system will be carried out, a level crossing will be eliminated, and the Scafa and Alanno stations will be upgraded, the latter with a bicycle-pedestrian underpass and new parking spaces for passenger cars and buses.

The awarding of the two tenders precedes by a few days the start of the public debate on the Pescara-Chieti-Interporto d'Abruzzo route. The interventions are part of RFI's broader plan to upgrade the Rome-Pescara line, which, at the end of the interventions, will guarantee a reduction in travel time and an increase in train frequency.


Source: RFI Press Releases