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RegioJet will become the largest operator of TRAXX MS3 locomotives

RegioJet will become the largest operator of TRAXX MS3 locomotives
photo: RegioJet/RegioJet
17 / 10 / 2021

Over the weekend, RegioJet delivered seven new TRAXX MS3 locomotives to the Czech Republic, which will become the basis of the private carrier's fleet in the future. With a total of fifteen locomotives, the company will become the largest operator in the Czech Republic after obtaining all documentation.

"The new locomotives will now be preparing for commissioning – it means getting the rest of the permit for operation, they will be fitted with the corporate designation RegioJet," said Aleš Ondrůj, a RegioJet spokesman. According to him, the locomotive series 162 (Peršing) and the leased Siemens Vectron locomotive will be replaced gradually on long-distance lines (with the exception of those for the post-service provided under the railway administration contract). However, the Peršings do not end definitively in the RegioJet fleet, the carrier assumes their further use, for example, on the services on the line from Kolín to Ústí nad Labem, where they will take over operations in December.

In addition to weekend deliveries, RegioJet will take over three more TRAXX MS3 locomotives by the end of the year, which have been ordered from Bombardier. It was absorbed by Alstom at the beginning of the year. "TRAXX locomotives are becoming the backbone of RegioJet's fleet of powertrains and will support its development on other lines. We are planning more deliveries – the contract includes an option for several dozen other top locomotives," added Ondrůj.

RegioJet will compete for the position of the largest locomotive operator TRAXX MS3 with ČD Cargo, which ordered another ten this year and will become the owner of a total of twenty such locomotives after their delivery which is expected next year. At the moment, they run in a trial operation in ČD Cargo, yet they have not been taken over. Traxx MS3 locomotives have not yet been approved by ERA. Alstom, meanwhile, announced completions at the turn of October and November.

RegioJet currently owns a total of 38 locomotives. In addition to TRAXX MS3, it has six TRAXX MS2 locomotives (four owned, two long-term leases from Akiem) and eight Siemens Vectron locomotives (four in long-term and four in short-term lease).