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Railpool plans to expand to southern Europe. It starts with an Italian branch.

Railpool plans to expand to southern Europe. It starts with an Italian branch.
photo: Archives/Railpool locomotive
12 / 11 / 2020

The Railpool Italia is a new subsidiary of the company Railpool and its newly established branch in Italy. Railpool plans to expand to the countries of southern Europe. The creation of its first southern European branch provides ideal conditions for this.


The company's promotion on the Italian market was created thanks to the lease of 6 Raxx E494 Bombardiers to the Captrain Italia. The contract includes an option for two more units. The locomotives will be maintained by the, with which the Railpool has signed a contract. Maintenance will be performed at the Asti depot, which will become one of the main maintenance hubs.

The merger of these companies provides them with further profit and growth. The Bombardier locomotives should start operating in 2021. The Captrain will use them for transport on Italian territory. The locomotives have a functional Last Mile. It also allows the operation of non-electrified lines, for example in industrial areas. This increases the flexibility of the entire fleet.

"I am extremely proud of the agreements signed with Captrain Italia and OMR, which will allow us to start operations with a reliable partner for the rental and maintenance of our fleet," said Alberto Lacchini, Head of Railpool Branch Italia and Director of Southern Europe.

The Railpool currently has a fleet of approximately 400 locomotives worth around 1 billion euros. The company operates in 16 countries and is one of the largest providers of comprehensive leasing services.