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RAILPOOL keeps shopping ALSTOM to supply the next 15 new TRAXX locomotives

RAILPOOL keeps shopping ALSTOM to supply the next 15 new TRAXX locomotives
photo: Railpool press materials/RAILPOOL keeps shopping ALSTOM to supply next 15 new TRAXX locomotives
27 / 01 / 2022

After a huge order for Vectrons (Siemens Mobility, beginning this year, RAILPOOL ordered another Traxx locomotive from Alstom The subject of the order is 15 Traxx locomotives, which will be manufactured at the Alstom plants in Kassel (Germany) and Vado Ligure (Italy). These locomotives will run in Norway, Sweden, and Italy. Traxx locomotive from Alstom.

Torsten Lehnert, CEO of RAILPOOL, said: „Ordering these 15 locomotives will expand our fleet of Traxx locomotives to more than 250, underlining our long-standing, close partnership with Alstom. We are also pleased to be able to offer our customers in Scandinavia and Italy additional, modern locomotives together with our proven full-service concept. All locomotives will be equipped with the proven Last Mile function, which significantly expands the range of applications for our locomotives.“

Kevin Cogo, Head of Traxx Locomotive at Alstom, added: „Railpool is one of our largest customers in the locomotive sector with whom we have a long and successful partnership. We are delighted to be able to contribute to making freight transport in Northern and Southern Europe more efficient and sustainable with these additional Traxx locomotives for the Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish markets.“

The Traxx 3 platform is the most modern platform for four-axle locomotives in Europe. The three models, Traxx AC3, Traxx MS3, and Traxx DC3, offer a supporting diesel engine for bridging non-electrified sections with the optional Last Mile function. With more than 2,400 vehicles sold, the Traxx locomotives are the most successful platform in Europe.


Source: Railpool press releases