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RAFAMET SA: Leading company specializing in the production of purpose machine tools for the processing of railway wheelsets

RAFAMET SA: Leading company specializing in the production of purpose machine tools for the processing of railway wheelsets
07 / 05 / 2021

Poland company RAFAMET S.A. - one of the world's leading companies specializing in the production of special-purpose machine tools for the processing of railway wheelsets has joined a group of entities that weigh and implement in practice sustainable development ideas defined through the United Nations Global Compact.

"We align our business practices with sustainable development standards in its four main areas. We are talking about human rights, the rights of the employees, the protection of the environment and the fight against corruption'', says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RAFAMET S.A., - E. Longin Wons.

Human rights, workers' rights, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption - the four sustainable development pillars to which RAFAMET S.A. adapts its business activities. "We consider respect for human rights to be an essential element of ethical entrepreneurship, which we have been developing for years in almost 80 countries around the world. The nature of our business and its geographical scope confirm that we respect the diversity of origin, race, gender, culture, age and marital status, as well as religious, political beliefs and membership in social and trade union organisations '', emphasises E. Longin Wons,'

An extremely important aspect of sustainable development is the operation of a business that assumes conscious and properly formed relationships between economic growth, care for the natural environment and human health.  The management is aware of the impact of the company's activities on the natural environment. RAFAMET S.A. operates in an environmentally friendly manner and introduces processes aimed at improving methods of preventing the negative effects of influencing them. Part of the company's business strategy is to maintain and continuously improve the environmental management system by ISO 14001.

Rational management of natural resources, use of raw materials and technologies in production processes that are safe for people and the environment, reducing pollutant emissions - these are just some of the environmental commitments that RAFAMET S.A. is fulfilling.  "It is very important for us to act with respect to the natural environment, to raise employees' awareness of ecology and to constantly improve the efficiency of the management system"' - summarizes the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RAFAMET S.A.

RAFAMET S.A.  is one of the few manufacturers of special-purpose machine tools from the world for processing wheelsets of railway vehicles (railways, metros, trams). In this segment, the company offers for customers among others: above floor wheel lathes, underfloor wheel lathes, wheel & axle lathe, milling machine for bogie frames, measuring & diagnostic systems, shunting vehicles.

The company is also a valuable supplier of large, specialized machine tools for customers in the engineering, energy, shipping, metallurgical, aerospace and defence industries.


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