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Poland Appoints New Minister of Infrastructure, a Surprising Addition to Tusk's Government

Poland Appoints New Minister of Infrastructure, a Surprising Addition to Tusk's Government
photo: Adrian Grycuk / CC BY-SA 3.0 pl / Wikimedia Commons/Dariusz Klimczak
18 / 12 / 2023

Significant changes have followed the elections in Poland, with the appointment of a new minister of infrastructure coming as a great surprise.

The chairman of the Polish People's Party (PSL) emerged as an unexpected candidate for Donald Tusk's government. With a background in political science, he gained experience in the regional self-government of the Lodz Voivodeship, excelling in various roles and organizing the youth wing of the PSL. Despite the overall negative sentiment towards the Polish People's Party, he failed to be elected to the Sejm in 2005 and missed out on the European Parliament in 2009 and 2014. It was not until the 2019 elections that he became an MP. His experience in territorial self-government will be an asset for planning and authorizing large and strategic transport projects.

It remains unclear whether the word "support" will be reinstated in the ministry's name, as members of the Civic Coalition had promised before the elections. However, his political work at the voivodeship level could be a solid foundation for reforming the organization of public passenger transport. His first task will involve conducting an audit of the management of CPK, a state company responsible for preparing and realizing the high-speed railway project and the new airport in Warsaw. This process will undoubtedly take some time.

In the media and public eye, there will be a focus on the blockade at the Ukrainian border, where Polish road hauliers intend to end the exemption for hauliers from Ukraine. This is not a bilateral issue, as the special transport regime is negotiated at the EU level. He will be the first government politician tasked with a challenging role: to represent Poland's interests in Brussels while introducing a new style and form of negotiations with EU institutions. This task is made even more challenging considering that in October, Klimczak himself, then part of the opposition, criticized the government and his predecessor, Minister Adamczyk, for overlooking the escalating difficulties faced by Polish carriers.

Source: Polský Sejm