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PKP Intercity will receive over half a billion PLN from EU funds

PKP Intercity will receive over half a billion PLN from EU funds
photo: PKP Intercity /PKP Intercity
04 / 11 / 2021

Before the 2021 finishes, the Polish state-owned transporter PKP Intercity will receive over half a billion zlotys (PLN) from the EU funds. PKP Intercity is currently fulfilling two strategic financing projects co-financed by the European Union:

  1.  Railways for good connections - modernization of cars and locomotives for PKP Intercity Public Limited Company  
  2. Accelerating rapidly - modernization of cars and purchase of locomotives for PKP Intercity Public Limited Company. PLN 2.5 billion, co-financed by the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Infrastructure and the Environment.

By the end of 2021, the company account will have PLN 522 million, which is 80% of the EU funding provided jointly for both projects. EU funds contribute to the implementation of a total of 54 investment tasks. 12 in the field of rolling stock and 42 infrastructure projects.

By the end of this year, PKP Intercity will complete all projects designated within the vehicle fleet, including car modernization. Within them, the operators' fleet will expand by 335 modernized cars. Among them are 60 units with first-class sections and open second-class cars. The approval of 60 COMBO multifunctional vehicles will be completed in the coming weeks. These cars, upgraded by the PESA Bydgoszcz consortium and ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki, increase the accessibility of railways for people with disabilities, families with children, and cyclists.

EU co-financing also committed to the purchase of 20 state-of-the-art EU160 Griffin electric locomotives in Poland. In addition, a total of 33 locomotives are being signed up for the modernization of the contract - 20 EU / EP07 electric locomotives and 13 SM42 series shunting diesel locomotives.

"We are currently implementing a massive investment program, which means a major quality leap for passengers and consistent development of the company. We have a significant share in the funds we have obtained from European funds, which we use very effectively, ‘‘tells Tomasz Gontarz, a member of the Board of Directors of PKP Intercity.