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PKP Intercity Opens Bids for Multi-System Electric Locomotives and Maintenance Services

PKP Intercity Opens Bids for Multi-System Electric Locomotives and Maintenance Services
photo: PawelBabik / Flickr/NEWAG Griffin E4DCUd
18 / 11 / 2023

PKP Intercity has opened bids in the tender for the purchase of 63 electric multi-system locomotives with an option to order an additional 32, along with maintenance services. The bids are being verified for formality and adherence to the set criteria. The process was conducted as a competitive dialogue.

The new multi-system locomotives will be capable of operating on railway lines powered by various voltages: 3kV DC, 15kV AC, and 25kV AC. They will have a minimum top speed of 200 km/h. The chosen manufacturer will also need to obtain vehicle authorization for operation in six countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. All locomotives will be equipped with a level two ETCS system. The carrier plans to allocate nearly PLN 3.50 billion gross for the project with option rights, and almost PLN 2.31 billion gross without option rights.

Newag S.A. submitted a bid within the budget set by the carrier for financing the order. At this stage, the bids are being evaluated based on criteria such as the unit price for vehicle delivery and the rate for maintenance services. The contract signing is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2023. The first two locomotives are expected to be delivered within 24 months from the contract signing date, with the entire order to be completed within 60 months.

Expanding the Locomotive Fleet

In 2021, PKP Intercity signed a contract with NEWAG from Nowy Sącz for ten new multi-system electric locomotives, with an option for 5 additional vehicles. This option was exercised in June this year, increasing the order's value from PLN 258.6 million to nearly PLN 388 million gross.

To date, the company has ordered 127 electric single-, multi-system, or dual-drive locomotives, including option rights. An order for 20 EU160 Griffin series electric locomotives is underway, among others including 16 new electric-diesel locomotives, and 15 new multi-system locomotives. The submitted bid in the tender for 46 single-system electric locomotives is also under review. These locomotives are designed for speeds of 160 km/h and will be equipped with the ETCS level two (L2) safety system.

So far, 30 EU160 Griffin series locomotives have been delivered, and the company exercised its option rights in the 20+10 order. Currently, the value of orders (including option rights) totals PLN 2.889 billion gross. The value will increase to approximately PLN 6.4 billion gross after selecting a contractor for the purchase of 63 locomotives, with the option for an additional 32 vehicles. If the option rights are not exercised, the total will rise to PLN 5.2 billion gross.

Source: PKP Intercity