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PKP Intercity Forges Strategic Alliance with Lublin University of Technology to Drive Rail Industry Innovation

PKP Intercity Forges Strategic Alliance with Lublin University of Technology to Drive Rail Industry Innovation
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/Zbigniew Pater, Tomasz Gontarz
14 / 02 / 2024

PKP Intercity has entered into a strategic partnership with the Lublin University of Technology, marking the 17th academic institution to join its collaborative network.

The collaboration aims to facilitate an ongoing exchange of information and insights in research and development (R&D) activities, potentially translating academic findings into practical, economically viable solutions. This partnership aims to fill the existing personnel gaps within the rail sector and offer students tangible career pathways, aligning educational outputs with the specific needs of the rail industry.

Tomasz Gontarz, vice president of the board of PKP Intercity, highlighted the mutual benefits of such partnerships. "We want to use the knowledge and scientific resources of the Lublin University of Technology, offering practical solutions from the company. As part of our development strategy, we have set a specific development direction, but to achieve further goals, we must expand the group of qualified specialists. We plan to build modern technical facilities for our trains in Lublin," stated Gontarz.

PKP Intercity / Public domain

Plans are underway to establish state-of-the-art technical facilities in Lublin, which will create employment for 400 individuals and ensure the maintenance of modern rolling stock in newly designed workshops, enhancing the company's operational capacity and service quality.

The agreement also encompasses the joint organization of academic and industry events, such as conferences and workshops, to foster a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for the rail sector among students and faculty. This educational bridge is designed to prepare students for the workforce with hands-on experience and industry-relevant skills, as highlighted by Zbigniew Pater, rector of the Lublin University of Technology. "In turn, for our scientists, it is an opportunity to transform the results of their research related to the development of railway technologies into real products and services that can hit the market," he commented.