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PKP Intercity Forges New Alliance for Railway Innovation and Education

PKP Intercity Forges New Alliance for Railway Innovation and Education
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity Forges New Alliance for Railway Innovation and Education
02 / 11 / 2023

On the final day of October, PKP Intercity formalized a tripartite agreement on scientific and technical cooperation with PKP Intercity Remtrak and the Opole University of Technology. This accord paves the way for collaborative engagement in scientific projects and the establishment of a practical academic model tailored for the railway industry. Additionally, PKP Intercity and PKP Intercity Remtrak have set their sights on organizing industry-centric meetings and conferences.

The newly minted cooperation with Opole University of Technology marks yet another venture into combined scientific, technical, and educational initiatives by the national carrier with an academic entity. This builds on similar pacts previously ratified with twelve Polish universities. For the inaugural time, PKP Intercity Remtrak joins as a contracting party, bolstering the alliance between the railway and academic spheres.

By virtue of this agreement, the entities are committed to a continuous exchange of information concerning potential collaborative ventures in research and development (R&D) and the application of these ventures in economic practice. This partnership is poised to unfurl new horizons for students, equipping them with a gamut of opportunities including internships, apprenticeships, practical coursework, and educational excursions.

The agreement also encompasses the collective orchestration of conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposia engaging both students and academic personnel, in addition to fostering public awareness and advancement of the railway sector. University staff will contribute to the national carrier and PKP Intercity Remtrak through research, specialized expertise, and consultative services.

PKP Intercity, witnessing daily growth and commanding the interest of millions of Poles, anticipates accommodating 67 million passengers this year. To perpetuate the trend of societal return to rail travel, the company is channeling investments into state-of-the-art trains, parking facilities, and technological innovations. "To do so, we require a workforce endowed with top-tier expertise, derived from the crème de la crème of Polish universities. It's a symbiotic relationship where every participant stands to gain," notes Tomasz Gontarz, Deputy President of PKP Intercity's management board.

The signing of the agreement is a progressive stride following investments in the facilities at Opole and Libiszów, which will enable PKP Intercity Remtrak to enhance its execution of modernization tasks for rolling stock, benefitting both the national carrier and other clients. "We are optimistic about the mutual enrichment from this knowledge and experience exchange," concludes Tomasz Zelwowiec, President of the management board of PKP Intercity Remtrak.

Opole University of Technology is the thirteenth academic institution to partner with PKP Intercity. The national carrier has previously established agreements with technical universities in Gdańsk, Kraków, Warsaw, and Wrocław, among others, as well as with the Silesian University of Technology, Kozminski University, and the Military University of Technology. Its network of collaborators also includes the Volunteer Labor Corps, over forty secondary schools, and two Industry Skills Centers currently in development.

Source: PKP Intercity