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PKP Intercity Begins Cooperation with Wrocław University of Technology

PKP Intercity Begins Cooperation with Wrocław University of Technology
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity Begins Cooperation with Wrocław University of Technology
16 / 02 / 2023

PKP Intercity has signed a scientific and technical cooperation agreement with the Wrocław University of Technology. Students will benefit from, among other things, internships, practical classes and study visits. In addition, the Polish national carrier and Wrocław university will cooperate in the creation of a new educational offer, including courses, training, dual studies, postgraduate studies and new fields of study and specialisation.

PKP Intercity is consistently implementing its investment strategy PKP Intercity - The Railway of Large Investments. The implementation of these ambitious plans, which assume investments in rolling stock, infrastructure and technological solutions, implies the need for specialised engineering staff and the exchange of knowledge and experience with the scientific community. To this end, the company is cooperating with Poland's best technical universities.

The agreement was signed by Professor Tomasz Nowakowski, Vice-Chancellor for the organisation and development of the university, and a member of the PKP Intercity Management Board, Artur Resmer, Ph.

"The Wrocław University of Technology educates engineers who are excellently prepared to carry out the tasks set before them. However, companies expect not only well-educated graduates from the university but graduates who are prepared strictly for specific requirements. That is why I am convinced that today's agreement will bring many benefits to both sides. The agreement is also proof of recognition of the high level of our scientists, who will now find it easier to carry out research jointly with PKP Intercity," says Prof. Tomasz Nowakowski.

The subject of the agreement with the Wroclaw University of Technology is also scientific and technical cooperation - mutual support and continuous exchange of experience for the benefit of development and research in the railway industry, e.g., by carrying out joint scientific and research projects, preparing analyses and expert opinions, organising study visits for the university's scientific staff to PKP Intercity organisational units.

A crucial point in the agreement will also be the promotion of the railway industry and its development among the public, promotion of the transfer of scientific achievements to the railway industry by organising conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia with the participation of students and academic staff, joint industry, and scientific publications, cooperation with the university career office, participation in advisory bodies of the partners to plan joint teaching and research and development activities.

"Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw are important cities on both the railway and educational maps of Poland. Cooperation with the best forges of talent and skills in the country will help PKP Intercity further develop the transport of the future, which is the railway. We are committed to attracting qualified employees, while university graduates gain an easier start to their professional careers. Each party benefits from this cooperation," emphasises Artur Resmer, PhD, Member of the PKP Intercity Management Board.

The Wrocław University of Technology is the third university to start cooperation with PKP Intercity. Last December, a similar agreement on scientific, technical and educational cooperation was signed with the Krakow University of Technology, and on 31 January 2023, the Warsaw University of Technology joined the group.

Source: PKP Intercity