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PKP Intercity and PKP Cargo Sign Employment Agreement for 400 Workers

PKP Intercity and PKP Cargo Sign Employment Agreement for 400 Workers
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/PKP Intercity and PKP Cargo representatives
27 / 06 / 2024

PKP Intercity S.A. and PKP Cargo S.A. have announced a collaborative program designed to transition up to 400 PKP Cargo employees into roles within PKP Intercity.

This initiative, set to begin in July 2024, focuses on positions related to the freight process, maintenance, and repair of rolling stock. The agreement ensures that traction teams from PKP Cargo will find stable employment at PKP Intercity’s facilities in Krakow, Poznan, Gdynia, and Warsaw.

Alan Beroud, Chairman of the Board of the Polish State Railways and PKP Group, said, "The signed letter of intent and PKP CARGO's plans for cooperation with PKP Intercity are further proof of our plan for the PKP Group. We are keen on cooperation and making the best use of the resources, knowledge, and experience of the holding company's employees."

This collaboration is aimed at rebuilding PKP Cargo's position and enhancing the competitive edge of the PKP Group in both domestic and European markets Dr. Marcin Wojewódka, Acting CEO of PKP Cargo, emphasized the employment security this program provides. "We are already offering actual employment guarantees for 700 people - that is, 5% of the PKP CARGO S.A. crew. We are planning further such programs to support the employment of our employees and enable them to continue their careers uninterrupted," he said.

Janusz Malinowski, CEO of PKP Intercity, added, "The employment support program for them is an expression of concern for the Polish railroad, a confirmation of effective cooperation within the PKP Group for the benefit of travelers, and an expression of social responsibility of the companies that signed the letter of intent."


Source: PKP Intercity, RAILTARGET