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PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL: Introducing the new management of the company. Who are the managers at the helm?

PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL: Introducing the new management of the company. Who are the managers at the helm?
10 / 04 / 2024

Personnel changes took place at PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL. RAILTARGET introduces the new management of the company. Look at the medallions of the three managers who are at the head of this company.

The post-election situation in Poland required personnel changes in the entire PKP group. We have already informed you about the new management of PKP CARGO and PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL (read here and here).

PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL, i.e. one of the most important providers of freight rail transport services, is now headed by Zbigniew Prus, who was appointed to the position of chairman of the board of directors.

Another new face of the board of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL is Jerzy Woszczyna. The third member of the board is Michal Kubíček, who remains in the position of deputy chairman of the board.

Who is who?

Zbigniew Prus – Chairman of the Board of Directors

Zbigniew Prus is an experienced leader in the field of rail transport, who currently works within the PKP CARGO group and as a member of the board of directors for operations in the company PKP CARGO SERVICE sp. z o.o. and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AWT ROSCO a.s., a member of the PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL group.

He has 32 years of experience in the railway sector, mainly in state-owned companies within the PKP structures and has held various positions there.

His professional challenges include key positions from operations, such as the driver of a traction vehicle, to various managerial positions in the Operational areas and headquarters of PKP CARGO S.A. or in PKP CARGO group companies.

During his professional life, he upgraded his qualifications and deepened his knowledge in the field of transport, completing various courses and obtaining a master's degree in engineering in this field, gaining comprehensive knowledge mainly in the field of operation and maintenance of rolling stock. In addition, he broadened his horizons at the University of Business, where he obtained the Master of Business Administration degree.

He significantly participated in the creation and restructuring of PKP CARGO S.A. and on the implementation of modern, diverse operational programs that optimize and improve the entire transportation process.

Michal Kubíček – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Michal Kubíček has been working at PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL his entire professional career since 2001. He started here as a dispatcher on OKV sidings, later worked in the transport department and then held the position of project manager. Since 2007, he has been the head of the Paskov Terminal and since 2016 he has been the director of this terminal. Since March 2021, he has also been the director of the Vlečka Operational Area, and since August 2021 he has been working in the company as the director of operations. In September 2021, he was appointed a member of the board of directors of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL. Last year, he became the vice-chairman of the board of directors of this company. He graduated from the University of Mining and Technology in Ostrava, majoring in Transport.

Jerzy Woszczyna – member of the board of directors

Jerzy Woszczyna studied economics with a focus on management and finance. He is currently a student at the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport, where he specializes in railway cyber security.

His knowledge in the field of financial auditing and management is confirmed by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification, which covers the entire range of knowledge and skills required by this renowned organization.

His experience includes working as a supporting auditor in the audit of the financial statements of two companies. The practical use of acquired knowledge confirms his abilities in the field of financial analysis and company management. In addition, his experience includes responsibility for marketing management in a trading company. As part of its activities, it can maximize the efficiency of the use of resources and marketing systems in order to fully optimize the value of the company. An important part of his professional portfolio is the effective control of the implementation of sales activities, which is an excellent basis for operative audits.

In summary, it can be said that he has a quality education confirmed by qualifications and extensive experience in finance, management, marketing, and cyber security. His skills provide a solid foundation for successful management of various projects in a business environment.

Before joining the PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL group, he worked in managerial positions in the field of sales and marketing at Abbott Nutrition International, SymPhar Pharmaceuticals, Przedsiębiorstwo farmaceutyczne Jelfa S.A., Ipsen sp. z o.o. and Synoptis Pharma – Grupa Neuca. Later he worked at Senju Poland sp. z o.o. as director of sales and marketing and since 2022 he has been working in the PKP CARGO group, where he held the position of internal auditor in the company PKP Cargotabor sp. z o.o.