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PKP CARGO Group's Integrated Report Reveals Sustainable Rail Vision

PKP CARGO Group's Integrated Report Reveals Sustainable Rail Vision
photo: RAILTARGET Archive/PKP CARGO Group's Integrated Report Reveals Sustainable Rail Vision
14 / 08 / 2023

The PKP CARGO Group, in releasing its integrated report, underscores its unwavering dedication to integrating principles of sustainable development with its overarching business and strategic agenda.

This commitment embodies a profound commitment to effecting meaningful change, ensuring that results are tangible and serve both the environment and the wider societal sphere. To this end, PKP CARGO has undertaken considerable investments in terms of financial outlays, human capital, and infrastructural development. The advent of their modern rolling stock and the expansion of intermodal services are clear testaments to their forward-thinking approach. It's noteworthy that these endeavors enable a substantial reduction in carbon footprint, with an annual offset of up to 2.9 million tons of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, by ensuring the transportation of 100 million tons of varied materials annually, PKP CARGO plays an indispensable role in buttressing the national and regional economy.

Mr. Dariusz Seliga, the Chief Executive Officer of PKP CARGO S.A., elaborates on the group's strategic trajectory. The group envisions pioneering logistics services that are predicated on electric propulsion, thereby ensuring a diminished carbon footprint. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the aspirations of their current stakeholders while also resonating with prospective partners keen on environmental stewardship. Mr. Seliga draws attention to the untapped potential of rail logistics, particularly the sector of intermodal transport, underscoring its paramount significance in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. For entities engaged in extensive material transportation, transitioning from road to rail represents an optimal strategy for environmental conservation.

Furthermore, Mr. Seliga elucidates the broader ramifications of the PKP CARGO Group's operations on the regional landscape. By facilitating an uninterrupted flow of goods, the group is pivotal in actualizing visionary projects like the "Tricity", fostering regional integration and fortifying the region's resilience against potential geopolitical fluctuations.

The full report is available here.