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Photo Report: EP Cargo's Expansion - A Tour of the Vojany Terminal

Photo Report: EP Cargo's Expansion - A Tour of the Vojany Terminal
photo: RAILTARGET/EP Cargo's Expansion - A Tour of the Vojany Terminal
18 / 10 / 2023

International carrier EP Cargo is broadening its range of services with a terminal situated on the Slovak-Ukrainian border. The new transfer terminal bridges wide and standard gauge railways, establishing a comprehensive logistics chain from the Ukrainian border to specific European destinations. The RAILTARGET editorial team presents an exclusive photo report from EP Cargo's Vojany terminal.

At present, EP Cargo's transshipment terminal predominantly handles agricultural commodities, but there's potential for other goods. Vojany offers a full logistics solution, from transshipment to follow-on cargo transport and international forwarding. Furthermore, EP Cargo provides comprehensive customs procedures for agricultural goods.

The Vojany transshipment facility boasts sidings with both wide-gauge and standard tracks. The station is served by two wide-gauge locomotives, two standard locomotives, and agricultural equipment, including Kobzarenko machinery. The terminal also features a rotary tipper and defrosting tunnels.

A significant advantage of EP Cargo's services is the extensive coverage in most European countries coupled with round-the-clock dispatch services. EP Cargo owns over 300 agro wagons T/agnpss (95-103 m3) and offers customised logistics solutions for the entire chain, reaching end customers across Europe, notably in Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Owing to EP Cargo's synergies, agricultural goods from Ukraine can be transferred seamlessly to the European gauge in Vojany under a single order. From there, they can be distributed to ports such as Koper or Trieste. The Adriatic ports provide favorable conditions for shipments to African nations, which are frequent destinations for Ukrainian grain. This presents a prime alternative to the often-congested Baltic Sea ports. Moreover, thanks to its partner companies, EP Cargo holds a robust presence in the Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian markets.