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Philippines and MERMEC Group Forge New Rails of Progress: A Leap in Railway Technology and Expertise

Philippines and MERMEC Group Forge New Rails of Progress: A Leap in Railway Technology and Expertise
photo: MERMEC / Public domain/Anneli Lontoc and Angelo Petrosillo
06 / 12 / 2023

The Government of the Philippines and the MERMEC Group have signed a cooperation agreement aiming to enhance the country’s expertise in monitoring railway infrastructures, safety, and maintenance procedures.

The agreement, which includes highly specialized training programs, is intended for Filipino technicians and engineers. It aims to attract highly qualified professionals who currently work abroad. This aligns with President Bongbong Marcos' vision of improving people's lives, promoting social inclusion, and preserving the environment through advancements in the transport sector.

Angelo Petrosillo, the Vice President of MERMEC's International Affairs, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting that "investing in the transport industry is to work for a more sustainable future." The initiative not only meets the needs of training local talents but also aims to bring valuable skills to the country, contributing to the growth of the Philippines.

The agreement is a first step toward creating a National Diagnostic Center, a key element in the broader strategy to strengthen the country's railway infrastructure. This center will complement the introduction of trains and advanced measurement systems, marking the beginning of MERMEC's operations in the Philippines.

Anneli Lontoc, Undersecretary of the Department of Transportation of the Philippines, has expressed appreciation for the agreement, which contributes to the strengthening of the country's technological landscape. Lontoc emphasized that “attention to training is a key element for the economic management of railway infrastructure. The collaboration with MERMEC, recognized as a world leader in Hi-Tech excellence, is set to bring unprecedented progress to the Philippine transport sector.”

This agreement is part of MERMEC's broader international strategy, which sees Manila as the third stop of a tour that previously included Tokyo and Sydney. It reaffirms, with the signing of significant commercial agreements, the centrality of the Asia-Pacific region in the commercial consolidation and expansion of MERMEC.