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Pars Components Breaks Records by Working with Indian Company

Pars Components Breaks Records by Working with Indian Company
photo: Pars Komponenty / Public domain/IREE
26 / 02 / 2024

Pars Komponenty s.r.o. has managed to get back on its feet after the COVID crisis. Cooperation with an Indian company has borne fruit!

The successful Indian company PRAG Group, which manufactures components for public transport under the ACRI license specifically for the Indian market, has established a successful cooperation with Pars Komponenty. This newly formed alliance has so far brought only success.

This cooperation is a key milestone in the history of Pars Komponenty. The cooperation was officially confirmed at the very prestigious Indian trade fair IREE 2023, held in New Delhi. In addition to the newly formed alliance, the company presented their products at the fair, which are mainly designed for transport and especially railway applications for the Indian market.

Pars Komponenty / Public domain

"We are excited about what we have achieved together at IREE 2023," said Ladislav Mazanec, CEO of Pars Komponenty Ltd. "Our innovations, coupled with the PRAG Group's expertise and experience, have created a good foundation for technology solutions for the Indian rail industry."

The long-term association between Pars Komponenty Ltd and PRAG Group completes a significant partnership and brings innovations to the Indian rail industry. The two partners will continue to work together to develop new products and solutions that will benefit not only themselves but the industry as a whole.