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One euro for two: How the ÖBB is boosting the Austrian economy

One euro for two: How the ÖBB is boosting the Austrian economy
photo: ÖBB press materials/One euro for two: How the ÖBB is boosting the Austrian economy
27 / 04 / 2022

Against the background of ongoing events and their negative effects on the economy and society, the Institute for Economics conducted a study that concluded that the ÖBB contributes disproportionately to the Austrian economy and employment in the country.

It is a question of the so-called value-added factor. For example, according to an analysis of the overall and regional economic effects of ÖBB investments and operations in the infrastructure and new vehicles fields, every euro invested by the ÖBB creates another two euros of value-added within the country. The multiplier effect is, therefore, above average, at 1:2.0 with the Austrian average of 1:1.6.

In addition, the ÖBB makes an invaluable contribution to employment in Austria: Every job at ÖBB partners creates 1.2 jobs at their upstream suppliers, a multiplier effect of 2.2.

"2022 and the years thereafter will remain challenging for the economy and society. As Austria's largest mobility and logistics company, ÖBB is reliably trying to do its part for stability, growth and sustainability in the country, especially in these difficult times. We are working to kick-start the economic engine and are investing €18.2 billion in the future of rail by 2027. Every euro invested by ÖBB generates two more for Austria's economy. And our orders, directly and indirectly, create a large increase in employment among our partners and their suppliers. This makes ÖBB one of Austria's key economic factors in terms of growth," says Andreas Matthä, CEO of ÖBB.


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