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On the Right Track: Thales SEC Transport to Elevate Changchun and Qingdao's Metro Systems

On the Right Track: Thales SEC Transport to Elevate Changchun and Qingdao's Metro Systems
photo: CRRC / Public domain/CRRC
08 / 01 / 2024

At the beginning of the New Year, Thales SEC Transport (TST) successfully won the bid for the signaling system integration projects of Changchun Rail Transit Line 9 (Airport Line) Phase-I and Qingdao Metro Line 8 Branch.

The main line of Changchun Rail Transit Line 9 Phase-I is 28.256km long, covering eight stations. Once the Changchun Metro Line 9 enters into revenue, it can effectively connect the urban area of Changchun, Lianhuashan Ecological Tourism Resort, Changchun New District, and Jiutai District, which is of great significance for promoting the development of the eastern urban area of Changchun and alleviating the pressure of passenger flow. 

Qingdao Metro Line 8 Branch is a key implementation project of Qingdao's three-year urban renewal and construction action. The branch line starts from Dajian Station of Line 8 and ends at Jiaozhou Railway Station, covering 12 stations with a total length of 20.4 km.

Changchun Rail Transit Line 9 is the first Metro line won by TST in Changchun. Qingdao Metro Line 8 Branch is the fourth line won by TST in Qingdao. Both of them will be equipped with a mature and reliable TSTCBTC® 2.0 signaling system independently developed by TST. The high availability and high-reliability performance characteristics of the TSTCBTC®2.0 signaling system have been fully verified by Shanghai Line 5 (the first line in China to operate, renovate, and construct simultaneously), Shanghai Line 14 (the first GoA4 line in China to support reverse FAM), and Zhengzhou Line 6. The TSTCBTC® 2.0 signaling system adopts the dual CBTC redundancy system architecture independently innovated by TST, greatly improving reliability and availability with zero interruption operation. The system adopts the interlocking integrating train control, further improves the system integration, and simplifies the equipment. It also could realize efficient turnbacks and shorter headway by leveraging the advantages of the operation-centered genuine moving block signaling system. The system’s imbedded BI-ATO and turnback at any point could also bring forward a more flexible and efficient operation solution for complex & networking lines.

So far, TST's CBTC system has covered 42 lines in 16 cities in China. TST will stick to the customer-oriented philosophy, providing customers with safe and leading technical solutions and complete lifecycle operation and maintenance services, bringing a joyful travel experience to more cities.


Source: Thales Group