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News Portals Security Magazín, RAILTARGET, and Deník Vektor Merge into the Expert Publishing Group

News Portals Security Magazín, RAILTARGET, and Deník Vektor Merge into the Expert Publishing Group
photo: EPG/Expert Publishing Group
21 / 12 / 2023

The Expert Publishing Group, with the merger of the news portals Security Magazín, RAILTARGET, and Deník Vektor, becomes the largest publishing house in the field of specialized expert media in the Czech Republic. This unification allows for enhanced collaboration among the individual editorial teams, enabling better connectivity across the segments of economy, defense, and railways, and ensuring higher-quality articles and analyses in these fields.

The uniqueness of the Expert Publishing Group's journalism is anchored in the journalistic personalities of the individual titles. These include Jakub Samek, Editor-in-Chief of Security Magazín; Alicia Randáková, Editor-in-Chief of RAILTARGET; and Pavel Kohout, Chairman of the Editorial Board of Deník Vektor. All have been active in their respective fields for many years, with their work being highly sought after and appreciated in the Czech market. The merged entities will continue to focus on intensive and collaborative work with industry associations and institutions. This includes expanded participation in fairs and conferences, not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Europe.

The publishing house also aims to strengthen its international presence. An English version of Security Magazín is set to launch, complementing the English version of RAILTARGET. Communication with pan-European institutions will be enhanced, and expansion into new markets, such as Poland, is planned. The collaboration of the editors from all three portals will also foster better utilization of modern technologies, including an emphasis on data journalism and expanded use of artificial intelligence.

About the Individual Media:

SECURITY MAGAZÍN: The largest Czech news website in defense and security, established in 1994. With a monthly readership exceeding 1.5 million visitors, it is a member of the Defense and Security Industry Association. The editorial team regularly participates in key events like IDET, NATO Days, MSPO in Kielce, and Eurosatory in Paris. The magazine covers the Czech armed forces, security forces, broader political/diplomatic contexts, and military history.

RAILTARGET: A leading online railway magazine in Central and Eastern Europe, it publishes in English, covering international events and European Union affairs. The Czech-Slovak version focuses on local events and their interplay with European happenings. The editorial team is a regular at major railway sector fairs, conferences, and events, providing reports, live news, and interviews with industry leaders.

DENÍK VEKTOR: In collaboration with renowned Czech economist Pavel Kohout, this title provides economic analyses and information on key events. Its cornerstone is Pavel Kohout’s authored texts, offering readers his unique insights and commentary.