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New narrative "Every journey makes the difference" as a communicative bracket in ÖBB's brand management. What is it about?

New narrative &quote;Every journey makes the difference&quote; as a communicative bracket in ÖBB's brand management. What is it about?
photo: ÖBB/New narrative "Every journey makes the difference" as a communicative bracket in ÖBB's brand management. What is it about?
19 / 08 / 2022

With the current claim "Today. For tomorrow. For us.", ÖBB, as one of the largest climate protection companies in Austria, underlines its meaningful and sustainable significance in the mobility and logistics market. In the new umbrella campaign, which will be launched on 17 August in a 360-degree approach, ÖBB is using a new narrative to further charge this claim and give it even more meaning in terms of content. The creative duo Ortner&Weihs penned the creation for this campaign.

"ÖBB has a great claim that contains so much: climate protection, generational change and responsibility. We can do something today, for tomorrow and all of us. Everyone can contribute to every single train journey. We now want to tell these and other stories and give the brand essence new strength," emphasises Peter Nikolai Thier, Head of Group Communications and Brand at ÖBB.

Passengers as part of the story

The new narrative "Every journey makes a difference" is an invitation to people to use today to do something for climate protection. Because the best day to take the train and bus again or to transport goods by rail is today. Because what we do today has an impact on tomorrow.

"With this image campaign, we are addressing the target group of undecided customers who do not travel much by train or bus today. And we also want to confirm our existing customers in their daily commitment to climate protection. In the visual world, we are close to people and directly in the ÖBB world. Acoustically, the campaign music by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra will give you goosebumps," adds Karin Seywald-Czihak, Managing Director of ÖBB Werbung, which is responsible for the development and implementation of the campaign as ÖBB's in-house agency.

Roof campaign impressively staged

On 17 August, the heart of the campaign, the image spot, will be launched on TV. It will also be used in cinemas and on online video platforms. The campaign spot will be supported by its content series on social media, which will bring the actors of the TV spot in front of the camera and increase interest in the topic of sustainability. For the campaign music, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra was brought into the studio. Their specially composed piece can be heard in TV and Austria-wide radio spots. A high-reach campaign in Austrian daily newspapers and magazines complements the media mix and ensures increased visibility at the start of the campaign with wraps in selected daily newspapers. The extension of the campaign into the public space with 24-sheet posters, poster dominations and digital ÖBB rail screens round off the 360-degree approach.

Source: ÖBB