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Minister cancels competetive tendering for train operation between Bratislava and Komárno

Minister cancels competetive tendering for train operation between Bratislava and Komárno
photo: Archives/Railway
07 / 05 / 2021

The tender for the carrier on the railway line between Bratislava and Komárno was cancelled by the Slovak Ministry of Transport. Only the Železniční společnost Slovensko (ZSSK) entered the competition. However, its offer was higher than the Ministry expected.

The Slovak Minister of Transport, Andrej Doležal, would like to achieve the liberalisation of slovak railways. For this reason, it also opted for open negotiations with every relevant player on the market. The aim will be a direct assignment for a ten-year contract.

The line between Bratislava and Komárno has been operated by RegioJet in the past. This company also obtained a contract for the operation of the line under a direct assignment.

Last week, Slovak and Czech media reported that Regiojet had not tendered for the operation of rail transport between Bratislava and Komárno, which was due to start on 1 March 2023. As the main reason, Regiojet cited an absolute loss of confidence in the sincere interest of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Czech Republic in fair competition, which would bring about an increase in the quality of services and cost savings.

The reaction of the Slovak Ministry of Transport did not wait long. The Minister of Transport himself, Andrej Doležal, strongly opposed the comments of a Regiojet spokesman: "The ways in which Regiojet and its owner have operated in Slovakia for many years are gone. I will not be blackmailed through public pressure or through the incorrect overwhelming of public space with half-truths or even lies.“

The end of the competitive tendering is followed by further steps announced by the Slovak Transport Minister last week. There will be direct negotiations with relevant market players. Their offers should then be made transparently public.