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MERMEC Group Honored as "Best Italian MNC in Singapore" for Rail Tech Excellence

MERMEC Group Honored as &quote;Best Italian MNC in Singapore&quote; for Rail Tech Excellence
photo: MERMEC/MERMEC Group Honored as "Best Italian MNC in Singapore" for Rail Tech Excellence
29 / 09 / 2023

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS) marked its 14th annual Business Awards ceremony by celebrating innovative Italian investment in the Asian city-state and the broader ASEAN region. This year, the coveted title of “Best Italian MNC (Multinational Corporation) in Singapore” in the technology sector was clinched by MERMEC Group, Italy’s frontrunner in rail network safety and maintenance technologies.

The ceremony, graced by Ambassador of Italy Dante Brandi and the Italian Chamber's Director, Giacomo Marabiso, spotlighted MERMEC’s influential partnership with Singapore's leading transport institutions: the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT), and SBS Transit. MERMEC's esteemed collaboration with these transport giants, recognized globally for their unparalleled safety and advanced operations, earned them the award primarily for their prowess in transferring groundbreaking technology and expertise to vital logistics and infrastructure sectors.

Reflecting on MERMEC’s journey in Singapore, Vice President of Institutional Affairs, Angelo Petrosillo, expressed immense pride in the recognition. "In 2013, MERMEC was awarded its first contract in Singapore. Ten years later, after many projects have been developed and much commitment, this recognition has been given and it gratifies us as well as gives us further confidence and determination. We are present in 72 countries and proud to export high technology for Safety – Made in Italy – that has been developed thanks to the strict standards of Italian railways and that is appreciated worldwide," he remarked.

Ambassador Dante Brandi's insights into the award underscored the significance of MERMEC's contribution to Italy's representation in Singapore's fiercely competitive tech landscape. He emphasized MERMEC's continuous commitment to technological advancements and its pivotal role in fostering advantageous bilateral relationships between the two nations, driven by innovation and human resource development. Adding to the evening’s high spirits, MERMEC unveiled plans for a new Singapore office, a hub for elite Singaporean and Italian technicians and engineers, which will strengthen collaborations with their partners, LTA, and SMRT.