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MERMEC expands in Japan: Three contracts worth EUR 20 million

MERMEC expands in Japan: Three contracts worth EUR 20 million
photo: MERMEC/MERMEC expands in Japan: Three contracts worth EUR 20 million
07 / 06 / 2022

MERMEC, a leading Italian company specializing in technologies for the safety and maintenance of rail networks, as a part of the Angel Group (a holding company developing solutions for the rail, digital mechatronics, and aerospace sectors), announces the signing of three new contracts for advanced diagnostics of Japan’s rail and metro network. The contracts worth more than 20 million euros were signed on May, 27, at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, in the presence of Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti and some of the major players in the railway (Mitsubishi Electric, Sumitomo Corporation, Mitsui NCO, Hitachi Hitech), financial (JICA and ADB) and industrial scene in Japan.

MERMEC Vice President for International Affairs Angelo Petrosillo says, “There are excellent, well-established relationships between MERMEC and Japanese railway enterprises. Our important goal is to further expand these relationships by making MERMEC’s experience and technology increasingly available to meet the market needs of local railway enterprises, thanks also to the specific high-tech solutions to be developed directly in Japan. We are working to make railway infrastructure more and more modern, interconnected, and resilient,” Vice President Petrosillo continued, “hoping as soon as possible for a climate of global peace, which can give serenity to the people involved and put the social and economic development of more countries back on track.”

MERMEC, present in 71 countries around the world, is the only Italian company in the railway industry to have supplied, managed, and maintained diagnostic and measurement systems in Japan through MERMEC Japan, a company established in 2017 and composed of a group of experts, with a significant and rapidly growing order book in Japan as well as Asia Pacific countries.


Among the pioneers, since the late 1980s, in the development and use of optoelectronic technology for the non-contact measurement of track geometric parameters from a running high-speed train.

MERMEC now boasts the world’s largest portfolio of automated systems for the measurement and video inspection of rail infrastructure. Every hardware and software component, which is the core of its solutions, is designed and produced entirely “in house”. The company has its headquarters in Puglia, Italy and offices in Milan, Treviso, Genoa, Turin, Bologna, Pisa, and Rome as well as offices in 19 countries. MERMEC employs, in addition to technicians and management, 1,000 engineers and boasts extensive technical know-how that has enabled it to develop and market an articulated portfolio of advanced solutions in 71 countries around the world.



Trains and measuring systems - design and manufacture of trains and measuring systems (more than 60 systems in the portfolio) intended for the inspection of rail networks.

Asset management - providing a wide range of advanced services for rail network inspection, infrastructure digitization (asset survey, data processing, asset db creation, 3D digital twin creation), and maintenance engineering.

Signaling systems - development of “safety-critical” electronic systems for protection and automatic train running control ETCS, (Interlocking Multistation, Centralized Traffic Control), for the automatic detection of obstacles at level crossings.

Electrification systems - design, installation, and maintenance of electric traction systems (electrical energy transformation and conversion).

Telecommunications - design, installation, and maintenance of telecommunications networks for railway applications (GSM-R, Tetra, LTE, Wi-Fi, fiber optics).

Industrial applications - manufacturing a wide range of optoelectronic measurement systems for various industries.

Source: MERMEC Press Releases