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MERMEC Australia Partners with KiwiRail to Revolutionize Rail Safety and Reliability in New Zealand

MERMEC Australia Partners with KiwiRail to Revolutionize Rail Safety and Reliability in New Zealand
photo: MERMEC / Public domain/ROGER 800
11 / 01 / 2024

New Zealand's rail transport is to undergo a groundbreaking development as a renowned MERMEC Group's subsidiary, MERMEC Australia, has signed a significant contract with the country's largest rail transport operator, KiwiRail.

The agreement aims to bolster the national rail infrastructure's safety, reliability, and overall quality, covering an extensive 3,700-kilometer network. The contract entails deploying a cutting-edge diagnostic vehicle from MERMEC, equipped with an arsenal of 12 innovative systems. Leveraging advanced laser technology, sensors, cameras, and comprehensive data management systems, this vehicle will provide exhaustive track analysis, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, making it a vehicle set to revolutionize the inspection and measurement processes across the extensive rail network all while operating at high speeds in real-time.

John Voss / Flickr / Public domain

According to David Gordon, KiwiRail's Chief Planning & Asset Development Officer, "The current Track Evaluation Car is 41 years old, and the new one will require less maintenance, have less downtime, and will therefore achieve higher productivity rates. Our focus is on improving service reliability for customers, and investment in assets like the evaluation car is an important part of that."

"This success, consolidated by the supply of four diagnostic vehicles to Australia, is further evidence of the high standards achieved by MERMEC’s Italian technology in the sector," commented Luca Necchi Ghiri, CEO of MERMEC Group. "We are ready to further collaborate with KiwiRail to contribute to the safety and efficiency of New Zealand’s rail network," he added.

Led by President Order of Merit for Labor, Vito Pertosa, and part of Angel Holding, MERMEC Group is known for its expertise in developing innovative solutions for the rail, digital mechatronics, and aerospace industries.