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Meet CRIntermodal, Pioneering Intermodal Transportation in China

Meet CRIntermodal, Pioneering Intermodal Transportation in China
photo: CRIntermodal, Pioneering Intermodal Transportation in China
25 / 07 / 2023

China United International Rail Containers Co., Ltd (CRIntermodal), a Sino-Foreign Joint Venture endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C. and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, represents a collaborative investment by CRCT, NWS, PSA, CIMC, and DBAG, amounting to a total investment of RMB 12 billion. With a crucial role in the National “Eleventh Five-Year” Plan, CRIntermodal shoulders the responsibility for constructing and operating 18 Railway Container Terminals. Currently, 12 terminals, including those in major cities like Kunming, Chongqing, and Chengdu, are in operation, with Guangzhou Terminal underway, thereby establishing a solid national railway container operation network.

Intermodal container transportation in China, a blend of rail and road services alongside the use of modern containers, promises significant advantages compared to conventional single-mode transports. With trucks ensuring accessibility to remote locations and block train services reducing long-distance costs, this method is an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution that minimizes transshipment times and cargo damage. In light of the migration of production facilities from the coastlines to Central and Northeast China, intermodal container transportation, having an edge over medium to long distances, exhibits immense potential. The Ministry of Railway has launched an ambitious investment program to overcome infrastructure bottlenecks, with plans to construct 12,000 km of dedicated passenger lines and achieve a strong increase in electrification and the extension of single lines to double lines.

CRIntermodal's 18 terminals are strategically positioned at significant economic and traffic hubs in China, nine of which are currently in operation, with the rest to be completed in the coming years. Each terminal will be equipped with efficient gantry cranes and modern reach stackers for rapid loading and unloading of trains and trucks. With adequate rail track lengths to accommodate maximum-length trains, unnecessary shunting will be eliminated. Furthermore, extensive warehouses, depots, repair shops, and additional supply chain-related facilities ensure that CRIntermodal can provide comprehensive services befitting a state-of-the-art logistics center, reinforcing its commitment to enhancing China's intermodal container transportation landscape.