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Major Boost for Polish Rail: EUR 64M Grant to Propel High-Speed Rail Project

Major Boost for Polish Rail: EUR 64M Grant to Propel High-Speed Rail Project
photo: CPK/Major Boost for Polish Rail: EUR 64M Grant to Propel High-Speed Rail Project
17 / 10 / 2023

The ambitious vision to revolutionize Poland's rail infrastructure has taken a significant leap forward with a newly signed agreement. Representatives from the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy (MFiPR), the Centre for EU Transport Projects (CEUTP), and Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) have sealed a deal for EUR 64 million from the EU's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

This grant will predominantly support the strategic High-Speed Rail line project stretching from Warsaw to Łódź. The funds are earmarked for full project documentation and essential approvals, including water permits and location decisions, for the 140-kilometre High-Speed Rail section connecting Warsaw, CPK, and Łódź.

Statements from key figures underscore the magnitude of this undertaking. Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Marcin Horała, praised the news as a testament to the European Commission's recognition of CPK's strategic rail initiatives. Mikołaj Wild, CEO of CPK, reiterated the project's alignment with European transport goals, emphasizing how the new line will not only grant easier access to CPK airport but also fortify connections between major Polish cities. This sentiment is echoed by Joanna Lech, Director of the Centre for EU Transport Projects, who lauds the vast scale of this investment and its implications for Poland's sustainable transport network.

Upon completion, travel times will be nearly halved, with the Warsaw to Lodz journey being cut down to 45 minutes from the current 90 minutes. Furthermore, the Warsaw-CPK-Lodz line will undergo advanced design phases with the expertise of established consortiums like Metroprojekt, Sud Architekt Polska, Egis Poland, and more. As per projections, designs should reach completion by next year's first quarter. This initiative is a comprehensive overhaul of Poland's rail landscape, bringing cities closer, making commutes more efficient, and ensuring Poland remains at the forefront of European rail innovation.