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LTG Strengthens Resilience Against Russia and Belarus by Improving Sanctions Compliance

LTG Strengthens Resilience Against Russia and Belarus by Improving Sanctions Compliance
photo: Lietuvos geležinkeliu/LTG Strengthens Resilience Against Russia and Belarus by Improving Sanctions Compliance
01 / 03 / 2023

The Lithuanian Railways (LTG) Group is standing firm against businesses' attempts to avoid sanctions controls and transport fertilisers from a sanctioned plant in Belarus. The company is taking a strong stance, stressing that such attempts pose a threat to national security and are disrespectful to Lithuania. As a result, LTG is developing and implementing a programme to ensure resilience against Russia, and working determinedly with other authorities to prevent any further sanctions circumvention.

According to Kęstutis Šliužas, Chairman of the Board of LTG, controlling international sanctions in the company's area of activity is a contribution to national security and a clear value orientation for the company's future activities. LTG is actively fighting against fraud, and in the case of sanctions control, vigilance is particularly heightened. The company is working in close cooperation with other authorities responsible for sanctions control and reacting to constantly changing circumstances and the behaviour of the sanctioned subjects.

Egidijus Lazauskas, Director General of LTG, emphasises that the partnership between different institutions and organisations is the most direct way to ensure control of sanctions. The company is open and actively cooperating with all organisations involved in sanctions control to achieve this goal. Since the beginning of the year, LTG has been closely monitoring the situation, collecting evidence of possible attempts to circumvent sanctions control and handing it over to law enforcement authorities.

As a result of the company's effective response to the situation, around 3,000 tonnes of cargo were stopped, 16 applications for transport were rejected, and a pre-trial investigation was launched. This success was made possible by the LTG Group's decisions last year to strengthen strategic governance and business resilience, including the creation of the post of Director of Business Resilience. The Director of Business Resilience reports to LTG's CEO and is responsible for the Group's cybersecurity, risk management and prevention, including sanctions compliance.

LTG is reviewing the capabilities required to ensure sanctions control, with some of the sanctions checks already automated, and specialised partner checks being carried out. The company is taking immediate action and will carry out extremely detailed checks on all cargo, both from Belarus and from other countries. In cooperation with customs and other authorities, LTG will inspect, track and analyse every cargo that raises even the slightest doubt.

The enforcement of international sanctions is just one step in the process of strengthening LTG's resilience and distancing itself from Russia and Belarus. The company reflects the direction chosen by the state and the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications to move westwards. LTG has developed a long-term programme, Free Rail, which aims to develop and implement a rail operating model tailored to the Baltic region, based on EU rail standards and best practices.

LTG Group's strong stance on sanctions circumvention highlights the company's commitment to national security and Western values. The company's efforts to ensure compliance with international sanctions and prevent the transport of fertilisers produced in a sanctioned plant in Belarus are a clear example of its dedication to these values.