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LTG Participates in Transparency Academy to Foster Anti-Corruption Environment

LTG Participates in Transparency Academy to Foster Anti-Corruption Environment
photo: LTG/LTG Participates in Transparency Academy to Foster Anti-Corruption Environment
22 / 03 / 2023

Lithuanian Railways (LTG) actively participates in the Transparency Academy initiative organized by the Special Investigation Service, with LTG representatives also serving as mentors. The Transparency Academy aims to promote an anti-corruption environment within public sector organizations, offering consultation and sharing best practices. Currently, the academy comprises 61 participants, and 40 mentors, and has organized 27 events.

Last week, LTG hosted an event centred around leadership in fostering a corruption-resilient environment. Edvinas Kerza, LTG's Director of Business Resilience, emphasized the importance of promoting different forms of leadership and upholding organizational values while ensuring business partners share those values. Representatives from the Innovation Agency, Customs, and the Bank of Lithuania attended the event, where LTG shared best practices on the leadership styles employed within the LTG Group.

Žaneta Navickienė, Head of Anti-Corruption Policy at LTG Business Security, outlined the primary areas of leadership. In accordance with ISO 37001 requirements, LTG implements clear regulations for managers' and employees' rights and obligations, as well as various other leadership activities. The company prepares an annual corruption prevention report, conducts evaluative analyses of its corruption resilience performance, and proposes improvements to its anti-corruption management system. LTG also holds periodic meetings to discuss the latest developments, cooperates with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and focuses on raising community awareness. Starting in March, new managers and employees must undergo introductory training on corruption prevention, followed by continuous development of their knowledge and skills.