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LTG Cargo in Transition: Ūkeniekas Departs, Eyes Turn to Future Leadership

LTG Cargo in Transition: Ūkeniekas Departs, Eyes Turn to Future Leadership
photo: LTG Cargo / Public domain/Arnoldas Ukeniekas
19 / 01 / 2024

LTG Cargo is set to undergo significant leadership changes as Arnoldas Ūkeniekas, the Chairman and a member of the Board, announced his departure from the role for personal reasons.

During his tenure, Ūkeniekas played a pivotal role in spearheading LTG Cargo's strategic drive towards solidifying its position in the European market. His focus on customer-centric services and resilience building has been instrumental in the company's recent breakthroughs. Reflecting on his contributions, Ūkeniekas expressed his gratitude towards the team and voiced confidence in the company's ongoing projects and clear vision, which he believes will continue to foster LTG Cargo's growth and enhance its competitiveness.

"I thank Mr. Ūkenieks for the leadership he has shown in recent years and the work he has done to ensure LTG Cargo's efficient operations," said Egidijus Lazauskas, CEO of LTG Group, particularly emphasizing his role in integrating the company into the European rail network, developing new routes to the West, and adopting sound governance practices.

LTG Cargo / Public domain

Under Ūkeniekas’s stewardship, LTG Cargo has significantly boosted its intermodal freight connections, notably to Duisburg and Slavkov, and has enhanced its service flexibility. A landmark decision during his leadership was the initiation of the technical fleet renewal, a critical market development. The company is poised to invest EUR 100 million in acquiring new electric locomotives and up to 500-grain wagons over the next few years.

This departure heralds a new phase for LTG Cargo, as the LTG Group gears up to select a new member for its Board, a move that is expected to be announced shortly.