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LTE Austria Receives Top Grades in Customer Surveys

LTE Austria Receives Top Grades in Customer Surveys
photo: Austria Receives Top Grades in Customer Surveys
14 / 02 / 2023

At regular intervals, LTE Austria GmbH as an entity puts itself "to the acid test" by customer surveys - and regularly receives top marks.

The participation of customers and business friends invited to the survey was enormous, as more than half spontaneously agreed to make their impressions available for the biennial test. By this they create a helpful "atmospheric" barometer and also provide LTE with gratitude to appreciate good cooperation and, if necessary, to tighten the suitable screws to improve the services. Various categories regarding cooperation were queried and had to be graded as in the Austrian school system ranging from 1 (good) to 5 (failed).

To make it short: Evil tongues could refer to LTE as nerds as all is about reliability, adherence to schedules and budgets, imagination in project management, flexibility and last but not least, sportiness and speed. Here, LTE AT and thus its competent team again received 90% top marks from their business partners. Questions were asked about the level of quality, the price-performance ratio and flexibility, but  "specialist knowledge and competence", "adherence to deadlines", the traffic concept and the comparison to the competition had to be rated as well.

Last but not least, two very important questions were asked: Whether they would continue to use LTE AT for future orders and very importantly, whether they would recommend us to others. According to the grades, everything was evaluated enthusiastically, which was reflected in the personal reactions of the surveyor as well: "The cooperation is perfect, constructive and trusting" or "We value the cooperation and professional competence as partners, this is what cooperation should look like, THANK YOU!"

Source: LTE-News