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Leadership Turmoil Continues at PKP Cargo with Jacek Rutkowski's Dismissal

Leadership Turmoil Continues at PKP Cargo with Jacek Rutkowski's Dismissal
photo: Thomas Feldmann / Flickr/PKP Cargo
23 / 04 / 2024

PKP Cargo's Supervisory Board has dismissed Jacek Rutkowski from the company's commercial management board.

This move, effective April 22, 2024, comes amidst a series of high-level changes within the company, marking a period of intense corporate restructuring. Rutkowski's exit follows the recent suspension of PKP Cargo's president Dariusz Seliga and board member Marek Olkiewicz two months earlier.

The reasons behind Rutkowski's dismissal have not been disclosed, leaving Maciej Jankiewicz as the acting chairman and Zenon Kozendra as the only other active board member. Rutkowski, who has been part of PKP Cargo's board for two years, is known for his extensive background in the logistics sector, including leadership roles at Cargotor Ltd. and PKP Cargo Logistic Center Małaszewicze Sp. z o.o.

The leadership turnover at PKP Cargo happens against a backdrop of operational and strategic challenges for the freight carrier. Earlier on April 19, PKP SA made further adjustments by replacing three members of the supervisory board. These changes are taking place amidst the company's struggle with declining market share, which has recently dropped below 30%, significantly short of its strategic goal of reaching 60%. Moreover, PKP Cargo faces potential labor unrest with strike threats from several unions. The company's delayed annual report adds to the growing concerns about its future direction and operational stability.