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Ivan Bednarik started to lead company České dráhy, the Supervisory Board gave him the unanimous confidence

Ivan Bednarik started to lead company České dráhy, the Supervisory Board gave him the unanimous confidence
photo: Bednárik
03 / 12 / 2020

The top management of České dráhy (ČD) will strengthen by an experienced manager. At its regular meeting, the company's Supervisory Board elected a new Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer - from tomorrow the CEO will be Mr. Ivan Bednárik, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ČD Cargo(a daughter company of České dráhy). The members of the Supervisory Board thus decided unanimously after a thorough discussion and consideration of all reasons. At the same time, they distanced themselves from misleading information that appeared in the media before the meeting, and from ill-considered comments on matters that fall within the exclusive competence and responsibility of the company's supervisory board.

"As a long-time Chairman of the Board of ČD Cargo, Bednárik Ivan proved that he has the key prerequisites to take České dráhy through the upcoming demanding stage. The national carrier suffered losses in orders worth billions of Czech crowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now they must find ways to maintain and strengthen its financial position and continue the challenging investment program and improve its services," commented the election of the new Chairman and CEO Supervisory Board’s Chairman Pavel Kysilka. Therefore, a key section of the economy will now be transferred directly to the newly elected chairman Ivan Bednárik. "Patrik Horný resigned from the position of Deputy for Economy and the Supervisory Board adopted a solution that will strengthen the role of the financial management of the company," said Pavel Kysilka.

The Supervisory Board also accepted the decision of former CEO, Václav Nebeský to resign for personal reasons and elected him to the position of a vice-president. "Board of directors under his leadership was able to respond quickly to crisis developments and in totally substandard conditions manage one of the largest companies in the country. The Vice-President will be responsible for project management, IT and subsidies and the associated digitizing services and processes. The effectiveness of the company's operations in this area should contribute to major cost savings," added Pavel Kysilka.

As before, the ČD Board of Directors will have five members, Michal Kraus will continue to be in charge of operation, Petr Pavelec will remain responsible for asset management and Jiří Ješeta for business.

All of the above changes apply from tomorrow, i.e. 4th of December 2020.

 Source: České dráhy´s press releases