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Investment plans of rail carriers in Poland

Investment plans of rail carriers in Poland
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08 / 09 / 2021

The Office of Rail Transport (UTK) carried out an analysis of the need and investment perspective of haulers for the purchase and modernization of railway vehicles based on annual reports.

Perspective 2022-2025 

By 2025, certified carriers in Poland plan to purchase 21 new locomotives (14 electric and 7 diesel), in addition, 12 used locomotives are planned. Investments are also planned for the modernization of driving units. By 2025, 93 locomotives (60 electric and 33 diesel) are expected to be fully upgraded. 22 locomotives will be renewed (3 electric and 19 diesel). Rail carriers are increasingly using locomotives belonging to external companies offering to lease these railway vehicles, and therefore, in addition to the activities of carriers, many investments by domestic and foreign Rosco (Rolling Stock Company) companies can be expected.

The importance of intermodal transport has increased significantly in the last 10 years. By 2025, carriers plan to purchase up to 783 platform vehicles. In addition, investments in 30 new special vehicles and 200 coal wagons are planned.

Railway operators are also planning repairs and upgrades of coal wagons. In total, almost 1,300 cars will be renovated or upgraded as part of the ongoing repair cycle.

Perspective 2026-2030

In the second half of this decade, work related to the modernization and renewal of freight carrier rolling stock is planned to continue. In 2026-2030, 169 locomotives (100 electric and 69 diesel) are planned to be upgraded and 8 diesel locomotives are being restored.

From the purchasing plans of carriers for the second decade, it is worth noting the increased activity of carriers when buying locomotives into ownership. In 2026-2030, carriers intend to purchase 53 new locomotives (28 electric and 25 diesel) and one used locomotive.

Rail carriers also do not exclude further investments in new platform wagons for the transport of intermodal units. Between 2026 and 2030, they plan to purchase 200 new platform cars and 170 special cars. The modernization and renewal will mainly concern standard gauge coal wagons, of which 332 will be fully modernized and 31 will be renewed.