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Inveho is heading for the Central European repair market. It takes over three workshops from Villmann-Gruppe

Inveho is heading for the Central European repair market. It takes over three workshops from Villmann-Gruppe
09 / 12 / 2020

The Ermewa Group's subsidiary, Inveho, acquires 3 workshops for the maintenance of freight cars and wheelsets from the Villmann-Gruppe, which is considered number two on the German market. Inveho will double its size and strategically open up to the Central European railway market. This acquisition will thus significantly strengthen Inveho's position - with 9 production and maintenance sites (6 in France and 3 in Germany now) will Inveho become the leading European network of freight railcars maintenance workshops. The transaction is expected to be closed by January 2021. However, its further details remain confidential so far.

Inveho wants to focus on the dynamics of German rail transport, which can bring a lot. Ambitions to increase the share of rail transport in Germany in the future are also higher than in France. Expansion into Germany is a big step for Inveho. The company is expanding to another country, where the railway is also a big topic for the future.

The Villmann-Gruppe has three workshops in the eastern part of Germany. Specifically, in Brandenburg, Ellrich-Woffleben and Altenburg. The workshops will change their name to Inveho, but otherwise will remain autonomous. They will be led by Ines Villmann Doll and Bodo Villman, children of the founder of Villmann-Gruppe, Manfred Villmann.

Inveho can rely on the experience of 450 employees working at Villmann-Gruppe. It will be possible to carry out overhauls of freight cars and tanks in the workshops. Car parking will also be possible on site. Furthermore, maintenance and production of wheelsets will be carried out in the workshops. Customers will also be offered modernization, renovation and modification of motor vehicles. The workshops will also provide wagon cleaning. A mobile service should also be established.

"The share of rail freight in freight transport in Europe will grow. The European Union has set a target of a 30 % modal share, while France is at 8 % and Germany at around 20 %. This acquisition strengthens us with large car lessors, such as the German VTG, the French Ermewa and the American GATX, which is also well represented in Austria and Poland,” emphasizes Julien Mathiaud, CEO of Inveho.