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Innofreight's 'inno4wood' Is Taking Over Transports for Stallinger

Innofreight's 'inno4wood' Is Taking Over Transports for Stallinger
photo: Innofreight/Innofreight's 'inno4wood' Is Taking Over Transports for Stallinger
21 / 02 / 2023

Innofreight’s new joint venture “inno4wood” is in operation and already executing the first orders.

Since the beginning of February, 16 Smart GigaWood 5×5 have been taking over transports for Stallinger Holzindustrie GmbH between the Czech region of Pilsen and the sawmill in Frankenmarkt, Austria once a week. “We are happy to have Stallinger Holzindustrie as a strong partner on board right after the start,” says Isabella Legat, CEO of inno4wood. The experience in round wood purchasing combined with innovative rail logistics is the key factor for a good and sustainable cooperation between the two companies.

“Stallinger Holzindustrie has been opting for timber transport by rail for years. We always strive for optimization and in this course, we are looking forward to the cooperation with inno4wood,” says Christian Spark, responsible for round wood purchasing. The 2×45 ft InnoWagons with the Smart GigaWood 5×5 stanchions are loaded over the close coupling, allowing 5 stacks of five meters of wood to be loaded. One wagon of the 5×5 variant offers a payload of 120 solid cubic meters of round wood.

Stallinger Holzindustrie GmbH is a company of Stallinger Holding GmbH, an internationally operating company from Upper Austria. The sawmill in Frankenmarkt has a cutting capacity of 1.1 million solid cubic meters of wood per year and is the headquarters for all timber operations. The family business combines tradition with innovative products that are used all over the world.

inno4wood is a joint venture between Innofreight and the Czech wood purchasing company Wood & Paper. The aim is to offer complete rail logistics solutions from a single source. From planning and execution of the required transports to administrative follow-up – inno4wood is the competent partner.

Source: Innofreight