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Hupac takes over operations of Terminal Novara CIM

Hupac takes over operations of Terminal Novara CIM
photo: Hupac /Hupac takes over operations of Terminal Novara CIM
15 / 10 / 2021

Combiconnect is the name of the Hupac Group company that will manage the operation of the Novara CIM terminal from 18.10.2021. The agreement, signed on 15 September 2021 between Combiconnect and Eurogateway, provides for the transfer of the company branch relating to the Novara CIM West terminal, while at the same time Combiconnect has been assigned the terminal management by CIM SpA.

"Our aim is to further develop this strategic terminal for modal shift of transalpine traffic. Today Novara CIM handles over 60 train pairs a week, mostly from the operator Hupac Intermodal, on a 150,000 square metre facility equipped with 7 loading and unloading tracks", explains Piero Solcà, director Terminal Infrastructures of the Hupac Group. "The investment plans are already in the drawer and include the lengthening of the tracks from the current 600 metres to the European standard of 740 metres, new entry/exit tracks, gantry cranes and sophisticated OCR system for the automatic reading of train and loading unit data".

The 37 employees currently working at Terminal Novara CIM are guaranteed continuity of employment by transferring their work relationship to Combiconnect, in full compliance with the applicable collective labour agreement and current regulations. Combiconnect has already ordered two new cranes and three tractors, which will be available and operational from 18 October.

Eurogateway, which operates the Novara Boschetto terminal, will continue to be a strategic partner for the Hupac Group. Combiconnect Srl, established at the beginning of 2021, is 80% owned by Hupac Ltd, Chiasso, and 20% by Centro Interportuale Merci SpA, Novara.


Source: Hupac Group press release