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GREAT NEWS: DB sets ambitious recycling targets for 2030

GREAT NEWS: DB sets ambitious recycling targets for 2030
photo: Deutsche Bahn/GREAT NEWS: DB sets ambitious recycling targets for 2030
09 / 10 / 2022

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) has announced its commitment to protecting valuable resources such as steel and concrete in the coming years.

On Thursday, DB CEO Dr. Richard Lutz announced at the Sustainability Forum in Berlin that the company has set ambitious recycling targets until 2030. The aim is to almost double the recycling share of rail steel to 45 percent and to triple the share of track ballast to around 40 percent. DB wants to save at least 300,000 tons of CO2 and about ten million tons of new material by increasing the use of recycled materials. The company aims to establish a complete circular economy by 2040.

DB CEO Dr. Richard Lutz said, "DB is continuing to drive forward its green transformation and is setting itself clear targets for resource conservation. By increasing the recycled content of our main resources - rail steel, track ballast, and concrete sleepers - we are taking a major step toward a circular economy, as these account for around 80 percent of DB's total resource use."

To achieve the increasing use of recycled materials, the Group will prioritize sustainability criteria in tendering and award processes. As a major market player, DB is relying on strategic partnerships with industry partners and suppliers to drive the development of recycled and recyclable products.

DB has already been focused on the careful use of resources. The company procures trains that conserve resources, offers vegan, vegetarian, and organic dishes for on-board catering, and uses recycled eco-pavers at stations and stops. DB also has a high recycling rate of over 95 percent when it comes to waste management.