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Grampetcargo Austria: An Innovative Problem-Solver in the European Rail Logistics Sector

Grampetcargo Austria: An Innovative Problem-Solver in the European Rail Logistics Sector
photo: Austria: An Innovative Problem-Solver in the European Rail Logistics Sector
31 / 07 / 2023

Grampetcargo Austria GmbH, a vital player in the international Grampet Group, has been providing custom-made solutions for rail logistics since its inception in April 2012. Experienced logistics and transportation professionals, entrenched in the leading market presence of the Grampet Group, offer comprehensive advice, support, and customer-oriented decision-making, the product of an owner-led operation. With its vision to be the "leading private rail logistics provider in Central and Southeastern Europe," Grampetcargo Austria aims to stand as an innovative, customer-centric problem-solving partner offering an excellent price-performance ratio due to its lean operations.

As a competent and flexible logistics service provider, the company's mission is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing integrated rail logistics services. This commitment is reflected in the acquisition, organization, and execution of its tasks. Moreover, Grampetcargo Austria places high strategic importance on security and quality management. Using SMS, IHM, and QMS, it ensures safe, economical, long-term, and sustainable operations, while also promoting a solution-oriented work culture. The firm endeavours to maintain legal compliance, enhance its quality levels, safeguard and motivate its employees, manage its processes systematically, and constantly improve its rail vehicles through proper maintenance.

Grampetcargo Austria offers an array of services from overall solutions in the area of rail logistics, traction, provision of freight cars, shipment tracking, logistics advice, and advice for minimizing the "CO2 footprint" to overall solutions for business and network-specific SCEM (Supply Chain Event Management). Its core competencies and USPs underscore the Grampet Group's standing as the leading private rail logistics company and cost leader from the Black Sea to Austria with its own traction. Leveraging the Group's in-house software company for developing "state of the art" SCEM systems, Grampetcargo Austria ensures constant run-time tracking and offers rolling stock corresponding to ECM guidelines. Furthermore, Grampetcargo Austria, in collaboration with strategic partner Trade Trans, provides integrated overall solutions along with logistics infrastructure, thereby highlighting the Group's broad reach in the western Balkans and its leadership in the Romanian market through Feroviar Roman (GFR - Group Feroviar Roman).