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Grampet plans large investments in the plant in Hungarian Debrecen

Grampet plans large investments in the plant in Hungarian Debrecen
photo: GFR/GFR - Gruia Stoica
20 / 02 / 2021

Grampet plans large-scale investments in the modernization of the Debrecen site in Hungary. This manufacturing and repair worksite were joined to the Grampet group 12 years ago. Over the next five years, € 14 million will be invested in the plant.

“We took over a leader with a tradition in the European rolling stock repair market, with the objective to grow it further, thus consolidating the Hungarian reputation in the field. During this time, the division in the neighboring country has doubled its turnover and became profitable. Today, our activities in Hungary - the rail freight operator Train Hungary in Budapest and the Debrecen wagon plant contribute almost 11,2% to the turnover we report annually at group level,” said Gruia Stoica, the president and founder of the group.

The workshop complex in Debrecen is a leading supplier of tank car repair and maintenance services in Hungary. However, it must be said that 70% of the GRAMPET Debreceni Vagongyár's turnover was generated by contracts with partners in Western Europe. Every year, over 2.000 cars pass through the workshop, in which, for example, overhauls or modernizations are carried out. At present, the plant in Debrecen has 400 employees. This number is expected to increase by another 100 employees in medium-term plans.

GRAMPET Debrecen was also invited to a tender for the supply of railway cars for an Egyptian company. The value of the contract reaches an astronomical amount of € 1,2 billion. “Openness helps us make new long-term growth commitments. We are optimistic about the future of our division in Hungary and estimate that the new investment projects can generate a 20% growth in sales and a similar increase in the number of employees, which equates to a strengthening of our presence in both the neighboring market and also on the specific European market,” Gruia Stoica explained.

The Debrecen Vagongyár manufactures two-axle wagon with sliding sidewall, 8 and 10-axle Ro-La wagons, 4-axle Habis railcars and reconstructs and repairs different types of freight wagons such as tank cars, covered and uncovered cars, and special cars.

Grampet Group is the largest railway private operator in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. Grampet Group is currently focusing on further expansion into the markets of other countries. Specifically, it is Montenegro, the Czech Republic or Slovakia. It also wants to penetrate the market in the Netherlands or Belgium.