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GRAMPET Logistics: Redefining Pan-European Transport Services

GRAMPET Logistics: Redefining Pan-European Transport Services
photo: GRAMPET Logistics on Facebook/GRAMPET Logistics: Redefining Pan-European Transport Services
03 / 08 / 2023

GRAMPET Logistics, a subsidiary of the GRAMPET Group, collaborates with international transport operators and leverages its robust network to provide premium transport services. The company is well-positioned to offer transport services spanning all of Europe and even extending into Asia, maintaining the highest quality standards for their customers. GRAMPET Logistics adopts complex freight expedition models, integrating various modes of transport and auxiliary services into logistic chains, thereby relieving customers of tasks unrelated to their primary operations.

The company's service offerings are expansive and adaptable, tailoring to customer needs from the initial stages of offer preparation and explanation through to real-time reporting on the status of the provided activities. These services operate on the principle of a single point of contact, ensuring seamless communication and service provision. Services include national and international freight transports, technical and commercial logistics in freight transfer points between lines of different gauges, and 'door-to-door' transport of high-capacity containers and other goods, irrespective of packaging type.

In addition to these, GRAMPET Logistics also provides customs duty services in frontier stations, transport tracking services, and operational reports on ongoing transports. For those transporting valuable goods, the company offers special services for insurance. Furthermore, GRAMPET Logistics provides railway consultancy services and integrated transport solutions, demonstrating their comprehensive approach to logistics and transport.