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GRAMPET Forwarding Companies: Streamlining Logistics for a Global Reach

GRAMPET Forwarding Companies: Streamlining Logistics for a Global Reach
photo: ER Eurorail Company/GRAMPET Forwarding Companies: Streamlining Logistics for a Global Reach
04 / 08 / 2023

GRAMPET Forwarding Companies capitalizes on the networks established by European operators and transport management, engaging in strategic collaborations with non-group partners, and prioritizing partnerships with national railway freight operators. Offering both European and non-European transport services, the company presents a competitive alternative to its customers by efficiently handling complex freight expedition models. The objective is to integrate various modes of transport and auxiliary services in logistic chains, thereby relieving the customer of tasks unrelated to their core activities. The forwarding companies are committed to providing flexible and viable logistics solutions, personalized according to the customers' needs, and aiming to identify the ideal transport solution that best fits each request.

GRAMPET comprises various forwarding companies such as Eurorail Logistics Germany and Eurorail Logistics Moldova. The Germany-based company specializes in comprehensive and custom-made logistics solutions for Central and Eastern Europe, transporting goods like metal products, coal, mineral oil, cereals, and automotive and intermodal transports. Meanwhile, Eurorail Logistics Moldova, founded in 2010, represents GRAMPET Group in the Republic of Moldova and coordinates railway transports across Moldova, Romania, Europe, the CIS space, Baltic Countries, and Asia.

The company's history reveals its growth potential. Recognizing the advantages of an independent Forwarding Company in its portfolio, GRAMPET diversified its client base and improved its market share in this sector. Each company within the GRAMPET Group began to make its mark in the freight forwarding market, attracting new clients, organizing efficient transports, and meeting the complex needs of its customers. GRAMPET Forwarding Companies maximize the potential of railway transport and logistics operators within the group. They stay informed about railway offers from all over Europe and Asia to uphold the highest quality standards for their customers. These companies offer services like domestic and international railway freight transport, technical and commercial logistics, customs duty services, transport tracking, operational reports, special services for valuable goods insurance, railway consultancy, and integrated transport solutions, all tailored to customer needs.