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GP Intermodal’s Key Role in Romania's Intermodal Freight Logistics

GP Intermodal’s Key Role in Romania's Intermodal Freight Logistics
photo: GP Intermodal/GP Intermodal’s Key Role in Romania's Intermodal Freight Logistics
02 / 08 / 2023

GRAMPET Group's newest member, GP Intermodal, has emerged as a robust logistics solution provider specializing in a diverse array of services. The company's core competencies include the loading and unloading of goods, goods management services, transshipment, and the transfer of petroleum products between 1520 mm and 1435 mm gauge railway wagons. These activities are particularly crucial at Romania's border stations with the former CSI states. GP Intermodal's service portfolio also spans freight handling and storage on logistics platforms or warehouses and the intermediation of transport services.

GP Intermodal's offerings are impressively comprehensive, ranging from the transshipment of freight between differing gauge wagons to loading and unloading goods from vehicles. It also provides handling, organization, and assurance of goods in wagons and road vehicles. Further, GP Intermodal offers storage services and leasing options for fields, setup spaces, intermodal transport units, and lifting and transport equipment, alongside technical support. Its operational capacity is underscored by a range of lifting and transport equipment, including portal cranes, railway frame cranes, forklifts, a transtainer crane, mechanical shovels, and hydraulic lifting equipment. This equipment array allows GP Intermodal to handle a variety of goods, regardless of their packaging and transportation requirements, all in compliance with international quality standards.

With its headquarters located strategically in Bucharest, GP Intermodal extends its presence through four additional work locations at key border points in Romania. These include terminals in Galati, Cristesti Jijia, Dornesti, and Halmeu counties. This strategic positioning enables the effective transshipment and handling of goods, firmly establishing GP Intermodal as a trusted logistics service provider in the region.