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Gök Rail: Turkish railway vehicle manufacturer

Gök Rail: Turkish railway vehicle manufacturer
photo: Gök Rail /Gök Rail
06 / 08 / 2021

Gök Rail was established in 2008 as part of the GÖK GROUP (one of the largest and most prosperous groups not only in Turkey but also in Europe) and specializes in the production of railway vehicles (freight cars, bogies, buffers, and configurations).

The certificates, such as TSI, allow the company to manufacture and successfully export freight wagons on the European and world market.

Production capacity (2 wagons per day) and an impressive list of types and modifications of freight wagons is a desirable product for the company's customers in France, England, Germany, Austria, India, Poland, and Russia.

Today, Gök Rail continues its path to industry leadership through reasonable and promising investments in the construction of new facilities in Demirağ, where will be produced new and modern freight wagons for the domestic and international market. The next generation freight carriage’s tare is supposed to be 26% lighter than the previous carriage. As a result, it allows for 15% more freight to be transported.